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My Porthleven

Porthleven prides itself on being a tidy and well presented town, and this is thanks in no small part to Carol Jewell. Carol has lived in Porthleven for 38 years, and is currently our well-respected Town Warden, a role she has had for three years now. We caught her for a chat to find out what the role involves, and what it means to her.

How did the role of Town Warden come about? I saw the job advertised online and I thought why not go for it? I took over from somebody who had done it for 10 years, so it was a real honour to be given the position and fill such big shoes.

What does being Town Warden involve? There are many parts to the role that many people may not know about. There is litter picking, checking the parks and equipment are safe, checking fencing, benches and blocked drains to name just a few tasks. I also act as a go between for the council and the community and vice versa. I help out at community events too. I have always been a people person so to integrate and liaise with the community on a regular basis makes it the perfect job for me.

How has the role developed since you have taken it on? Porthleven gets busier every year so there is always more to keep on top of as time goes on! I am passionate about teaching people how to be kinder to the environment and what changes they can make on a daily basis, and I have been out with Porthleven School's, staff and pupils on litter picks educating the children along the way. Although I have my main duties, I am always looking to develop the role to ensure I am doing my best for our town and the planet.

What does the role mean to you? The role to me means home. I feel blessed to live here and every time I go away it is always special to come back. I have a real sense of pride for the village and the people, and believe you can learn something from everybody that you meet, whether they are a local or a visitor.

If you see Carol out and about in the town on your visit, why not have a chat with her and learn more about her vital role? She would love to meet you!